Moore inspires many, many more

One of Southcare’s longest serving volunteers and founding members, Helen Moore, certainly has lived up to her name. 

You see, her Southcare story started in 1982 when she helped establish the local community-first movement and now – some 40 years later – her legacy is still encouraging the use of caring hands to help others. 

Such has been the significance of her voluntary contribution – mainly spent as a Board member for 32 years – that the café built at Mankara will be called “Helen’s Café” in her honour. 

The café takes pride of place on the ground floor of the new development and is a friendly place to chat and connect over a cuppa with loved ones.  

“It was easy to see a need,” Helen said when asked about why she first helped start Southcare. 

“It’s about helping people and connecting others. It’s always worthwhile to make a contribution and even better when you can do that with great people.  

The area has changed over time, it was dominated by State Housing and while that is no longer the case there is still a need to be a helper,” Helen said. 

Southcare first started helping people in 1982 with emergency food supplies, clothing and support to those who were disadvantaged by age, illness, disability, unemployment, poverty and social strain. 

That ethos continues today and the new Mankara community is very much at the heart of that. 

Chief Executive Officer Dr Nicky Howe said the development was underpinned by community, care and connection. 

Some 40 years after a need was first identified, isn’t it great that Helen’s legacy continues today with the same caring purpose, this time extending it to create suitable accommodation to live an independent and fulfilled life?” Nicky said 

“Helen’s words ring true in that ‘helping people doesn’t take a lot, but can mean a lot to people’.”  

“How exciting that we continue to help people as welcome them to the community of Mankara. 

Chief Executive Officer Dr Nicky Howe visited Helen during National Volunteers Week.  The theme of the week is “Recognise. Reconnect. Reimagine” and Helen’s legacy is a wonderful way to do that.

Artists impression showing what Helen’s Café will look like when built at Mankara 

Rightsize and invest $300k into your super

Did you know the recent budget has handed out some magical news to older Australians looking to rightsize? 

From 1 July 2021, if you’re aged 60 or over, you will be able to make a one-off, post-tax contribution of up to $300,000 per person (or $600,000 per couple) to your superannuation when you sell your home. 

The move is all part of a plan by the Government to encourage older Australians to consider rightsizing to a home that better suits their needs for today.  

Rightsizing means living for today and tomorrow in a home that has all the entertainment and relaxation possibilities, coupled with a better use of space and easier ways to manage household work.  

For many, rightsizing means reducing the strain of everyday household requirements like heavy gardening or ongoing maintenance. This style of living is becoming increasingly popular with people whose older children have left the family home. 

Moving into this type of accommodation is an option that offers support in the areas you need but still gives you the freedom, privacy, security and independence you’re accustomed to.  

This is the first time this opportunity has been made available to people from 60 years of age, as previously you needed to be over 65 to be eligible.  

These contributions do not count towards non-concessional contribution caps, which are voluntary contributions into superannuation made out of an individual’s post-tax income. 

Want to know more?  We’re happy to talk through options on 9032 6489 or send us an email to enquiries@mankara.com.au

Before making any decisions, we recommend seeking independent financial, legal and taxation advice to see what these changes mean for your individual circumstances.