More men to benefit thanks to expansion and training grant

More men will be able to create meaningful community projects and combat social isolation through enhanced skills training undertaken by members of the Manning Men’s Shed, as part of a funding boost announced today.   

The skills training is made possible with a $1,500 Advantage Community Grant from the local Mankara over 55’s apartment development, which is powered by Manning-based not-for-profit Southcare. 

The Manning Men’s Shed currently sees more than 100 men create projects using woodwork, metal work, welding and plastics for personal and community projects. They also partner with local schools to mentor students with special needs.    

Financial support for the Manning Men’s Shed would be used to run additional “how to” and “hands on” workshops to better skill local men, particularly those that lack confidence in social settings. 

The funds will be used for additional inhouse or external training of current members to enable them to impart skills more effectively to current and new members.  

Training and workshops will be run in fields such as: 

  • How to use a router and a bandsaw 
  • General metal working and welding 
  • wood hand carving and tool use 
  • 3-D visual arts including wood sculpting 
  • decorative arts requiring niche hand skills such as leatherwork and jewellery. 

The shed will also expand the facilities for people with mobility or other disabilities, particularly by the provision of adjustable height benches that will allow wheelchair or seated access so these men can operate within a safe workspace. 

The Manning Men’s Shed encourages men’s health and wellbeing and helps combat social isolation by providing a welcoming, safe, supportive environment. The shed is open five days a week, for members to attend at their leisure.  

Southcare Chief Executive Officer, Dr Nicky Howe said the expansion is a great example of partnerships that work together with a common purpose of support and belonging. 

“We have been helping local families for 40 years and when the opportunity came to help the Men’s Shed, which is within walking distance to our Mankara development, it was an easy decision, Dr Howe said. 

“This grant means the Manning Men’s Shed can do more teaching, training and empowering, which is so exciting.  

“Helping people is what the world needs more of, now more than ever.” 

The Advantage Community Grant was made possible by realestate.com.au. 

Contact the Manning Men’s Shed on 9313 2739 or visit them at 3 Downey Drive on the corner of Ley Street, Manning.  

Members of the Manning Men’s Shed received the oversized cheque and funding from Dr Nicky Howe from Mankara.  

Want to know more? Get in touch at enquiries@mankara.com.au or 9032 6489 or join our online community on Facebook